Fixed : iCloud Music Library can’t be enabled error – Apple Music

Apple released iOS 8.4 with new music app for streaming music service. It is really easy to signup for Apple Music. But lot of users faced problem when they try to enable iCloud music library.
At the end of the Apple Music signup process they getting error like “iCloud Music Library can’t be enabled”.
You can manually enable this option on your iPhone or iPad via Settings -> Music and enable or disable iCloud music library.
When users try to enable it provide option to either Replace or Merge. When users try to select Merge or Replace option, they getting the same error message.
So how to solve “iCloud Music Library can’t be enabled” error

  1. On your iPhone or iPad, navigate to iCloud in Settings app.
  2. At the top. Tab or select your iCloud account.
  3. It will prompt for password.
  4. Enter your iCloud password and press Done. It will login into your iCloud account.
  5. Now navigate back to Settings -> Music.
  6. Toggle to enable iCloud Music library.
  7. Press the Replace or Merge. iCloud library can't be enabled

Other fixes:-

  • Turn on and off Airplane mode.
  • Re-Sync your iPhone.

If you face any other problem  with new Apple Music app or do you have any other solutions for “iCloud Music Library can’t be enabled” error, inform us via comment.

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This totally solved my problem of not being able to sync music manually. Couldn't find where to turn that annoying iCloud off. Cheers!

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