How to Fix iCloud for Windows installation Problems

Lot of Windows users got error message when they try to install iCloud 4 update on Windows 7 or 8.1. Mostly this problem happened on 64 bit Windows operating systems.
Example iCloud installation error messages
“There is a problem with this Windows Installer package. A program run as part of the setup did not finish as expected.”
“Errors occurred while installing the updates. If the problem persists, choose Tools > Download Only and try installing manually.
“The installer has encountered an unexpected error installing this package. This may indicate the problem with this package.”
Apple software update
Each solutions are little bit different. So try these solutions one by one.
Solution 1:- 
Remove old iCloud software from your PC.
Remove all files from
c:program files common filesappleinternet services
Re-install iCloud for Windows v3.1. Then run Apple software update.
Solution 2:-
Uninstall iCloud 3.1 on your computer.
Download iCloud 4 from Apple website and don’t use Apple software update.
Remove files from (If not all files will deleted)
c:program files common filesappleinternet services
c:program files x86 common filesappleinternet services
Now install iCloud v4.0.
When you start iTunes it will ask for location of  library which is in Music/iTunes folder.
Solution 3:- 
First logout from iCloud 3.1 Control Panel (If you already log in).
Uninstall iCloud software from Windows.
Manually download  iCloud v4.0.
delete all files and folders from
c:program files x86 common filesappleinternet services
c:program files common filesappleinternet services
Restart your computer. Again go to
c:program files x86 common filesappleinternet services
c:program files common filesappleinternet services
and delete all files.
Now install iCloud v4.0.
If you have any other doubts or solutions, inform us via comment.

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Found another easier solution . I have win 10 64, outlook 365. I simply unpacked the installer with an archive program ( right click/open with …zip) then opened the folder created and run only the icloud64.msi installer and it worked. Seams that some other programs in the package are the ones that gave that error. Try that and please give some feedback here to help others with the same problem.

I have now uninstalled iCloud, downloaded the iCloud update for manual installation om WIN 7, but I still get the samme msg : "Error during transformation. Please check, that the transformation path given is valid". (Msg. translated from Danish)

I tried all these options plus others. Same thing every time: "icloud control panel installation error" Then it tells me to "repair" in programs and features. But it never works. I've done absolutely everything I can think of.
Btw I have a PC, Windows 7, and I (try) and sync with ipad and iphone when I have the use of icloud. Although it's always been problematic for me.

In my case (upgrading 4.0.6 to 4.1), it appeared that icloud.msi from my oldversion (4.0.6) was not accepted by Windows (uninstall from Windows Control Panel failed). I got a copy of the 4.0.6 installer, installed that one again after logging out from Icloud. This repaired icloud.msi and the upgrade succeeded. Google for Icloud.msi 4.0.6, I got my copy from apple support through

I got mine by doing a search in my Internet browser. I gave up on version 4 and went back to 3.1. At least it works and installs without the problems. I just got tired of dealing with them, and never could install the newer versions. I think the fix responsibility rests with Apple, not the user.

I was having all of the same problems on Windows 8 until I right-clicked on the icloudsetup.exe and chose "run as administrator". That seemed to do the trick for me.

I don't know how to do the things it asks of me to reinstall I cloud on my PC.I am in Windows 7 and I can't get a good download. I don't know how to find or delete the files I am asked to delete.
What should i do Just forget Icloud or what?

I have tried for over a week to get icloud backup and storage software onto my windows 7 computer but no download at all pheraps you can do this for me from your end

Usually when trying to download software at the bottom is screen on task bar there appears the software progress icon showing a blue circle moving clockwise to show when software is loading but since trying to download ICloud backup and storage this has dissapeard but not only iCloud won't download now neither will any other software can you tell me how I get this download icon back into computer then iCloud would properly install

After a year of trying different things I got solution #3 to work for me. I didn't have an Internet Services folder under Program FilesCommon filesApple but I did under Program Files x86. Cleared everything out, manually downloaded 4.0 and it installed 5.1. Thank you for the guidance.

I had no previous Itunes or Icloud software on my Windows 10 and had the error on install.
I used KC's advice of installing as administrator – bang worked a treat thanks! 🙂

I solved the problem. I have windows 10 64 pro and experienced the same problem as everyone else. But then I discovered apple software update – which should be automatically installed now with itunes. So I clicked on the 'update icloud' box, and it failed again. But I noticed by clicking at the bottom of the popup – that there were three other pieces of software (64 bit) – so I clicked on each one – and each one attempted to install something. They all failed – but – they must have dropped off some software – because all of a sudden icloud installed.

I had to unpack the installation file, install Apple Software Updater FIRST, and then install icloud for windows THROUGH the updater, not with the file that unpacked. That's the only way I got it to install. Windows 10 64

My hard drive failed and I used Windows Easy Transfer to transfer settings etc. to the new hard drive. My icloud email settings moved over but my Apple programs did not as I expected. I do not have the Apple internet files in either of my program folders, so I reinstalled the Apple programs via various methods indicated on this and other message boards. I tried installing through Apple Software Update, by installing as administrator and by running the exe. However, I am still getting the error message. Any advice?

BRILLIANT !! Crystal,
i have been bysy/working on this for two days.
as apple always did work with the executable, i didnot think of installing the programs with the help of ASU. ASU downloads the files from apple itself, so mo worries downloading icloud or itunes yourself.
i had problems with both icloud and itunes, icloud i just fixed and i have good hopes itunes will be ok too. but that is for tomorrow.
Thanks for your help

ps w10 64, clean fresh installation.
and error message i did get was:
"There is problem with this Windows Installer package. A program run as part of the setup did not finish as expected. Contact your support personnel or package vendor."

My English is not so god, but i try to explain, how I did.
You must go deeper in your system.
Open regedit.exe.
Go to search and print icloud and click search. then erase every key as appear.
It can take 1 or 2 hours or more to come through. But be careful, there is a risk of this method.
I myself used a special registery cleanup program; jv16 power tools. I think there is an test version that works well, which is free for a time of 60 day.
It costs a lesser amount of money but is very useful to other as well, and it is safer.
In this program go to registery serch and wrote icloud, and pusch serchbutton.
The search will take some time but wait paitiently.
I did not make a backup myself when the program asked, Just press delete button.
And confirm delete while the program stops, they will still not be able to delete all keys in all cases.

I just hit the problem today. If you have iTunes installed from the Microsoft Store, you cannot install iCloud. You will have to remove the store version and install iTunes from the download. Then you can install iCloud again.

Hello everyone. After spending hours today with the problem with an error message when installing iCloud on Windows 10 Lenovo laptop, Hans-Martijn provided the solution. I went to the Windows icon, looked at the programs, scrolled down to iTunes. I right clicked on iTunes which gave me the option to uninstall iTunes. I went to the Apple page and made sure to only download iTunes from the Apple website. The Apple website did its best to force me to download from the Windows store but I stayed firm on my mission. After following the steps to install iTunes from the Apple website, I then looked in my Downloads folder where iCloud was already waiting. I clicked on the iCloud file and the complete install process completed for the first time all day. Next the install program told me that I needed to restart the computer for the changes to take effect. Many thanks to all the advice on this page but the solution offered by Hans-Martijn worked for my situation.

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