How I shared iCloud Drive folders from iOS 13.4 and macOS

iCloud Drive Folder sharing

Apple has released a new Software update version recently for iOS and macOS as well. As a new release, it has updated new features for iPhone,iPad, and Mac as well. One of the options that Apple updated the iCloud drive for sharing folders using iOS 13.4 and macOS 10.15.4. So, I will explain “How to use iCloud Drive for Sharing folders” with a simple and easy method.

Note: Before starting the process, make sure you have updated your iPhone, iPad, and Mac to the latest iOS 13.4 and macOS 10.15.4.

Method 1: How to Share Folder from iCloud Drive using iPhone/iPad 

Before starting the process, you have to send a link to the person whom you like to share your iCloud Drive folder. So, let us see how to do that.

  • Firstly, open the Files app on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Then tap on the Browser option from the bottom left side.
  • Under Locations, choose iCloud Drive.
  • Next, tap on Select option from the top right side and select the folder.
  • Hit on Share icon from the bottom and choose Add People option by scrolling down the menu.
  • Or just press and hold the folder or file and tap on the Share option from the menu. Then choose Add People option.
  • From the Add People page, tap on Share Option to set Access and Permission to the folder.

Add People option

  • Then choose how you would like to send your invitation link either using the Messages app or any other kind of application.
  • Now you have to choose the contact to whom you are going to send the link and press the Share icon to send the link.

Note: The receiver can access the folder/file only when they click on the invitation link.

End Sharing

  • To stop the sharing you just need to press and hold the file and tap on Share.
  • Now you could see that Add People has been replaced with Show people.
  • Tap on it and modify the settings accordingly. You could see the owner and the receiver details and also Add People option.
  • And if you want to stop sharing the folder, just click on Stop Sharing and tap on OK on the pop-up window to confirm the action.

Stop Sharing Option

Method 2: iCloud Driver Folder Sharing on macOS Catalina

Note: This process must have the latest version of macOS.

  • Launch FINDER on your Mac and tap on iCloud Drive from the sidebar.
  • Then select the folder either right-click on it or tap on the folder and select the Share Icon on the top of the menu bar.
  • Choose Add People option and select an option to send you the link via mail, messages, or Airdrop, etc.,
  • Then you can also change the sharing settings by selecting the Share Options.
  • Once after completing the process, just hit on the Share button.

iCloud file sharing macOS

  • Now the folder which you have shared will be marked as Shared by Me. So, you could easily find out the folder that you have shared.
  • Again select the same folder and tap on the Share icon. Now the Add People option will be replaced by Show People.
  • Tap on Show people to check the details in it. Till you can change the Sharing option or you have even Add people as well.
  • Even you can stop sharing the file. It is as told above for iOS devices.

Stop Sharing Mac

I hope this will help you to share your folders and files with the people easily. Even you can restrict them to stop editing by changing the Sharing options. The owner is who has the full rights on that folder and modifying that particular shared folder. If you have any suggestions or doubts regarding this article, please let me know through the comments below. Thank you and keep supporting us.

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