How to export iCloud calender to Google calender

If you want to transfer or sync calender from iCloud to Google calender, follow my steps.
First Export your iCloud Calender Files
1. Go to and sign in using your Apple ID and password.
2. Publicly share your iCloud calender.
3. Select and copy the shared calender web address and paste that url in your web browser address bar. (Do not press Enter key).
4. First change “webcal” to “http” in url and press enter.
5. An ICS file will download to your default browser download location. After the download completes, unpublish the shared calender.
This .ics file can be added to calender clients like ICal (Mac) and Outlook (Windows).
Import iCloud calender to Google Calender 
iCloud calender to Google calender
First log into your Google calender –
Click the gear icon at top right corner and choose settings.
Then select Calenders.
Select ‘import calender‘ option at the bottom of the calender list.
Select the iCloud calender .ics file in your computer and press import button.
That’s all.
Any issues? 
if you have any issues with this process use calender clients like ICal for Mac and Outlook for Windows to check the .ics file.
Syncing the iCloud calender to Google got lot of issues. If you have any issues, do let us via comment.

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