Fix iPhone, iPad, iOS problems with iCareFone App: Detailed Review

Looking for a Software to manage and fix iOS problems?  This is a right choice. Of course, you come to land on this page without searching a lot of terms in various browsers. Right?
Now, you are in a right place to know the solution about how to manage and fix iOS problems. 
I found one tool to manage and fix various iOS problems. That is iCareFone. iCareFone was developed by Tenorshare. This Software allows you to fix various problems in iOS devices. We can easily perform any operations within any device easily and perfectly. iCareFone manages eight types of files at a one time. It helps to free up space on iPhone 7.
icarefone main interface


  1. Removes the ad blocks.
  2. Reduces the size of the image.
  3. Fix various iOS Stuck related issues when iOS upgrade, overheat and more – Using this Software we can easily fix iOS Stuck issues. This tool is not obtained in the trial version. We can fix various problems related to the Operating System.
  4. Enter/Exit DFU mode to fix iOS issues –  Reboot the iPhone -> Entering and Exiting the DFU mode without any hesitation when you face iTunes errors, reboot loop like iOS issues.
  5. Ultimate Solution to repair iOS System – It is one of the main function of iCareFone. Download the firmware to fix the iOS crash and any iOS stuck issues.

Transfer Music, Videos, Apps without iTunes Restriction-Free
iCareFone lets you transfer files freely from iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to PC. 

  1. Delete the unwanted or duplicate music files.
  2. At a time we can manage 8 types of file: Contacts, Notes, Calendars, Video, App, Photo, and Music.
  3. It allows adding items to your device.

Say Goodbye to a Slower, Laden, Sluggish and Vulnerable iPhone right away.
iPhone runs very slowly because there is a lot of junk files, caches, and invisible data are available. Here given some tips to extend the storage space.

  1. To clean iPhone storage space, delete the unwanted apps.
  2. Reduce the size of photos without the loss of quality.
  3. Delete the virus infected files.

Repair Operating System for iPhone
Step 1: Select Repair Operating System
Install Tenorshare iCareFone and connect your device with Computer. From the main interface select “Repair Operating System”.repair operating system iCareFone
Step 2: Download the Firmware package
To download the Firmware click  “Download” button.
Step 3: Select the Repair mode

  1. Standard Repair – Without any data loss you can repair you’re the iOS device.
  2. Deep Repair – You can repair your iOS to factory settings.

Step 4: Repairing Operating System
Repairing process starts if you enter the Recovery mode. Within few minutes the repairing process gets completed.
Backup and Restore iOS data
iCareFone backup iOS data
It is an important feature in this Software. We can backup the full content. There is any problem in the device, restore the iPhone using this backup. Delete the unneeded iPhone backups. This feature is not available in the trial version.
Remove ads on iPhone, iPad, and iPod
iCarefone remove ads
iCareFone is one of the iOS ad blockers. Easily remove ads on iPhone or iPad using this app. There are a number of applications and a lot of ads are causing irritation in that application. This Software helps to remove ads only. But the personal information is highly secured.

  1. Connect your iPhone or iPad using USB cable. Launch iCareFone app.
  2. Click the “Ads Remove” option on the main interface and the program will scan apps for ads.
  3. Check the apps you want to remove. Then simply select the apps you want to remove.
  4. To remove the ads from iOS App, just click “Remove all ads” option.  The ad’s removal is completed when the processing bar reaches 100%.

Don’t forget to visit Tenorshare official website to find more information about this product and download the trial version.

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