iCal says Google calendar server not secure, fix

Apple users can’t create the account in iCal when they try to sync their Google calender to iCal. It keep says Googleserver is not secure and won’t setup the account.
Example error message : “a secure connection could not be established”.
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1. Launch calender application and create new account.
2. Choose “Add CalDAV Account”.
3. Select Account Type : Advanced
4. Enter username and password.
5. Set server address as google.com
6. Set server path as https://www.google.com:443/calendar/dav/username@googlemail.com/user
7. Then choose “Use SSL” & port should be 443.
Note :– If you type an wrong server path, it will give you a URL error. Then you can’t delete account or change path url.
If you want to fix this issue, delete or disable Google account and re-add it.
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If you have any other issues based on calender in your iOS devices (iPhone or iPad) do let us via comment.

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