iBooks Not Downloading/Stuck Problem in iPhone : Fixed

Apple book or iBook app used to read an ebook on the iPhone. It will be downloaded in the app store and open it then purchase books to read it. I have many books in the iBook library. Recently, I have updated my iPhone the iBook is uninstalled. Again, install the iBook app the books are in the library. It is helpful to collect a rare novel collection. Use the network to download the books for iBooks. Now, iBook not downloading the iPhone. I just tried the following steps to recover from the issues.

Here to fix it:
Solution 1:-
The main Solution is to reset the iPhone properly.
Note: if have the same problem again then follow solution 2.
Solution 2:-
1: Go to Settings.
2: Tap iTunes -> App store.
3: Sign out the Apple ID Account. Wait for few seconds and Sign in again.
Solution 3:-
1: Go to Settings.
2: Tap Screen time -> content privacy restriction.
3: If the Block inappropriate content is enabled, just tap and Enter Password to disable.
4: Now, Download iBook.
Solution 4:-
1: Go to Settings
2: Tap the iTunes and App Store.
3: Select the Book -> AudioBook to enable.
4: Then, Download iBook.
Solution 5:(using WIFI)
Turn OFF and Turn ON the wifi connection then download the iBook.
I hope it is useful to you also friends. Get your iBook to keep to enjoy reading the novel, story books and so.

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