How to Use Siri On Your Apple Watch (Quick way)

This is a basic guide for Apple beginners who need to learn about how to use Siri on their Apple Watch.

Apple Watch Siri feature allow you to send messages and finish the tasks. Because there is no way to type to respond messeage and notification on Apple Watch.

This method is same for all 3 Apple Watch models like Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport and Apple Watch edition.

You can activate Siri on your Apple watch either voice activation or maual method. 

How to Activate Siri on Apple Watch using voice activation 

  1. Move the Apple Watch close to your mouth.
  2. Say, “Hey, Siri”.
  3. Now ask a question or say a command to Siri.

How to manually activate Siri on your Apple Watch

  1. Press and hold the Apple Watch Digital CrownApple Watch digital crown
  2. Then ask a question or say a command to Siri.
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