How to Turn Off/Disable Voice Control on iPhone

Learn how to turn off annoying iPhone voice control feature.
Solution 1: Turn on passcode and disable Siri

  1. On your iPhone, navigate into Settings -> Touch ID & Passcode.
  2. Enable Passcode.
  3. In “Allow Access When Locked” section, unselect the SiriiPhone touch ID passcode

Note: In order to use Siri on your iPhone, you need to type passcode. If the password not typed, it won’t activate.
Solution 2:-

  1. Turn on Siri.
  2. Turn on passcode.
  3. Then deactivate Siri from the lock screen.

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Solution 3: Turn off VoiceOver

  1. Go to Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Voice Over.
  2. Turn it off.

If you knew any other ways to disable voice control on iPhone, inform us via comment.

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6 responses to How to Turn Off/Disable Voice Control on iPhone

FU your words resonate with me. I have the exact feelings you do about my iPhone 6s. I call it my fucking piece of shit phone. I know that my phone 'hears' conversations I have while it is just sitting there near me–online suggestions are just way way way too coincidental. I so hope it hears me every time I call it by its true name. This will be my last iPhone as my health can't take it. I regret purchasing my phone everyday that I own it. What a waste of money. Sure it is an engineering marvel but the HMI gets worse with every OS release. I've been trying to sort out the mess with getting iCloud pics out of my phone's memory for months now. What a pain in the ass.

I fucking hate my piece of shit iPhone 6. The latest model is a replacement because my prior piece of shit iPhone 5 had a fatal error with the same voice control "feature".
Every upgrade to this useless annoyance, iPhone 6, makes every operation more of a giant pain in the ass.
This is true of every misguided apple "improvement" be it for iPhoto iTunes etc.
This problem with voice control is the latest in an unending series of similar problems.
As far as Siri goes that virtual fucking asshole has been sent to cyber hell by me.
When I would hear that annoying voice I wanted to murder someone.
Too bad siri is virtual otherwise I would have tracked her down and killed her.
Apple sucks a giant cock.

I can't tell you how many fingers/thumbs we're scanning so my elderly mum can open her iPhone 5s. The finger doesn't register… Mum ends up pressing and calling up Siri… I permanently turn Siri off for her… now Voice Control pops up under similar circumstance AND STARTS PLAYING UNREQUESTED MUSIC! … Mum gets frustrated; I get frustrated considering all the bleeding hours I've invested to set all the screens & apps up just right. I Google for answers and find that you cannot turn BOTH Siri and Voice Control off. God knows why these phones win any design awards. YOU *UCKS AT APPLE DON'T HAVE A BLEEDING CLUE! [Here's a couple fingers for ya!]

Ya I have the same problem but every time I plug in some headphones Siri goes off every 20 *ucking seconds and it’s so annoying so I turn Siri off now voice control is the pain in my ass it’s terrible I need to know how to turn them both off so I can listen to some music in peace

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