How to Turn off Autocorrect on iPhone (Quick way)

Auto correct option can be helpful when you have to type your message only in English. But most of us not only type in English but we type in our own language using English letters. At that situation auto correct option will be annoying for us. So in this post i have listed the way to turn off the auto correct option in you iPhone.
How to turn OFF auto correct option in iPhone?

  • At first go to “Settings” app on the iPhone.
  • Then go to “General” -> ”Keyboard” iPhone auto corection
  • Select “Auto Correction” option and flip the switch OFF option.
  • Come out from this option using Exit.

And yes now you have done the auto correct off work.
After typing your message in your own language if you wish to again enable the Auto correct option then no problem guys, follow the following steps.
How to turn ON auto correct option in iPhone?

  • Go back to the “Settings” app on the iPhone.
  • Then go to “General” -> ”Keyboard”.
  • Flip the switch to “Auto correct option” into ON position.
  • Then you can exit from the app.

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