Easy Way to Transfer WhatsApp Messages From iPhone to iPhone

I had iPhone 6s. But now I have iPhone X. I want to transfer my WhatsApp Messages from iPhone 6s to iPhone X. So my friend told me some method to transfer the data. Here I am going to tell you those methods.
Method 1: Transfer WhatsApp Messages with iCloud

  1. Launch “Settings” and click your “Name” at the top of your old phone.
  2. Click on “iCloud”
  3. Turn on “iCloud Drive”. You can see the list of Apps and select Whatsapp and turn on it.iCloud-img
  4. Then open your “Whatsapp” and open “Settings”.
  5. Now Click “Chats” -> click “Chat Backup”.
  6. Click “Back Up Now” button. Then your message will be backing up on iCloud.back-uo
  7. Your backup will be completed and on the new iPhone log in your “Apple ID”
  8. Now you have to download and install WhatsApp on your phone. WhatsApp asks “If you want to restore your iCloud Backup” after the verifying of your phone number.
  9. Click on the “Restore” to relocate your WhatsApp messages and any other files on your new iPhone. After few second the messages will be restored on your phone.

Method 2: Transfer WhatsApp Messages without iCloud

  1. On your computer Download and install “iMazing” App.
  2. Connect the old phone to the computer using USB cables.
  3. Open “iMazing” and select your “Device” on the left upper corner.
  4. Now, tap “Back Up”.iMazing-baukup
  5. After the completed Backup, choose your device. Then tap “Apps”.
  6. List of Apps will be displayed and select “WhatsApp”. Now.choose “Manage Apps ->tap “Extract App”.extract-img
  7. Now file browser will be displayed. Search and choose the folder you want to export WhatsApp messages and any other files. iMazing will extract the WhatsApp messages. And save the file with .imazingapp extension.
  8. Now connect your new iPhone before that disconnect your old iPhone.
  9. Install the WhatsApp on your new iPhone. Don’t need to open the App and verify phone number.
  10. Open “iMazing” and select your “Device”. Then tap “Apps”. Now you can see your installed Apps.
  11. Tap “Manage Apps” -> tap “Restore Apps”. Now file browser will be displayed. Search and choose the WhatsApp backup file.
  12. iMazing will be started to restore the WhatsApp data on new iPhone. Now click “done” to reboot your iPhone.
  13. Now open the WhatsApp and you can see your old messages on your new iPhone.
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