How to Transfer Whole Data From Old iPhone to New iPhone

Got new iPhone X? And searching a way to transfer the whole data that you are keeping in old iPhone 5/5s/6s/7 Plus? Yes…this article will help you to get some ways to transfer your all useful data such as contacts, mail, text messages, audio, video songs, and also some of your favorite apps.
If you are transferring the data in a large amount from your old iPhone to new iPhone, Wi-Fi should be the first concern of the source using which you can finish the transfer.

Transfer Using iTunes

Step 1: Download iTunes
You need to download and launch latest iTunes on the computer.
Step 2: Connect iPhone to Computer using USB
connect your old iPhone to the computer using Apple USB cable.
Step 3: click “Backup Now”
You can find your iPhone’ device name on the computer screen. Click on it to get its control panel and select “Back Up Now” to backup all the data on your iPhone
Step 4: Connect your New iPhone
You have to remove your old iPhone after the process of Backup and connect your new iPhone to computer using the same USB cable
transfer using itunes
Step 5: click “Restore Backup”
You have to click “Restore Backup” on the control panel of your new iPhone device on the computer.

Transfer Using iCloud

Step 1: Backup your Data
Make sure that you have the backup of your all the data. If you don’t have, just do it right now.

  • iPhones with iOS 9 and older –  open Settings App, click iCloud > Backup > turn on “iCloud Backup”. if iCloud is closed, select “Back Up Now”
  • iPhones with iOS 10 and later – open Settings App and Tap on your Apple ID’s Profile> then >select iCloud> then iCloud Backup> and then select “Back Up Now”.

transfer using icloud
Step 2: Restore Backup
In your new iPhone, restore the backup.
Open Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content
Restart your iPhone

  1. On your old iPhone, turn on the WiFi network
  2. Open Settings> iCloud> tap Storage & Backup >turn on iCloud Backup > OK > Back Up Now
  3. Now, enter the Apple ID password and wait for the backup process to be completed
  4. Now on your iPhone just finish the setup; choose language and country and WiFi network
  5. You will find Restore from iCloud Backup and select it. Choose the backup file of your old iPhone and now your iPhone will restart after the backup process.

Other ways

Transfer all Data using dr.fone

It is a tool that will let you share all the important data from your old iPhone to new iPhone.
Step 1: Install dr.fone
Download and launch dr.fone on your computer and using the USB cable, connect your iPhones to the computer.
Open this application and click “Phone to Phone Transfer”
Step 2: Choose the Files to transfer
Now choose all the files that you need to transfer from your iPhone to iPhone
Step 3: Select Start Transfer
On the screen, you can find “Start Transfer” and click on it to transfer the data.

Transfer all Data using AnyTrans for iOS

It is another tool helps to transfer all the content you need from old iPhone to new iPhone.
Step 1: install AnyTrans for iOS
You have to download and launch AnyTrans for iOS on your computer and connect your two iPhones to the computer using the USB cable.
Step 2: Clone Device or Merge Device
Select the Device of old iPhone and select Clone Device(it is for the new iPhone with no data. It helps to clone all files from old iPhone to new iPhone and during the process of transfer all the data on the new iPhone will be deleted) or Merge Device(for used iPhone and can transfer all the content and keeps all the other data) on the homepage of AnyTrans.
Step 3: Select the Contents to Transfer
Select all the data that you need from your old iPhone to new iPhone and click Right Arrow and wait until the process finished.
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