How to Shutdown a Mac Computer

Learn how to shutdown/ force shutdown Mac with keyboard commands or using Terminal. This guide is same for all Mac OS versions like Mac OS X Yosemite, Mavericks and Mountain Lion.
Way 1: Select Shutdown option from Apple menu (Quick way)

  1. Select Apple Menu -> Shutdown. (hold down Command key when you choose shutdown to avoid confirmation message box).
  2. It will popup a dialogue. Click Shutdown or Cancel.

If you don’t click any of the options,  Mac computer will shutdown automatically after some minutes.
Way 2:  Use Keyboard shortcut to Shutdown Mac 

  1. Click the Control + Eject (or press and hold the Power button for 5 seconds). When a shutdown dialog box appears, click shutdown.
  2. When confirmation dialog box appears, press Return/Enter to shutdown,  S to sleep and R to restart.

Way 3: Shutdown Mac using Terminal
Open Terminal app from Applications->Utilities folder and type the following command.

sudo shutdown -h now

Note: Terminal command uses  -h, -r or -s parameters to shut down, restart and sleep the Mac.
Way 4: Use iPhone app to remotely shutdown Mac computer.
iShutdown HD is a best app to do remotely shutdown, sleep, restart your Mac or PC. But it requires internet connection.
How to Force shutdown Mac
Do a force shutdown when your Mac suddenly freezes, hangs or not responding. Power button location is different in Mac Mini or iMac compared to MacBook Air and MacBook Pro.
Mac power button location

  • Press and hold the Power button to force shutdown mac that is not responding.
  • Also use Control-Option-Command-Eject keys combination to force shutdown Mac.
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