How to remove ukash virus from Browser – Mac, iPad

Lot of Mac, iPad users reported their browser Safari or Chrome blocked by a virus. It request user to pay. Also it blocking browser preference menu.

The virus description available in Dutch.

So how to get rid of ukash virus?

Solution 1:-

Force quit the Safari browser (press Command + option + Esc keys and select Safari). Then restart Safari while holding the Shift key.

Solution 2:-

  1. On the Safari menu bar, go to Safari -> Preferences -> Security.
  2. Uncheck the Enable javascript check box. Also leave preferences dialog box open.
  3. Now close the malicious window or tab.
  4. Finally re-enable javascript and close the Safari preferences dialog. 

Solution 3:-

  • If you are using Chrome browser, then disable javascript in browser preferences.
  • Hit back in your browser.
  • Re-enable javascript and clear browser history.

Install some free antivirus on your Mac.  Also read our earlier guide to remove Genieo and from Mac Safari.
If you knew any other solutions, inform us using comment.

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3 responses to How to remove ukash virus from Browser – Mac, iPad

Just got this virus (or one vey much like it) on my iPad Air. Went into:
Settings/Safari/Clear History and Website Data
and it seems to have gone. Whew!

I tried it on my ipad air but no result!
Tried all suggestions from various sites but still can't do anything in safari
Does it make any difference that I (as always) was on the 'incognito'mode?
More suggestions?

The thing is, i got that on the iPad, and i was on Chrome, so i can't do the "settings-Safari-clear cookies or history stuff" the only option i got in settings for chrome are: location, photos and microphone so i dont know how to gen rid of it. I cant use chrome anymore. What should i do?

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