How to Remove Songs from iPhone

When we want to free up iPhone storage space, deleting the songs that are boring. We can delete all songs or particular songs using the following options.
Remove songs from iPhone (3 ways)

  1. Deleting Album, songs and artists
  2. Deleting entire music library
  3. Removing music using iTunes and computer

 1: Delete Album, Songs and Artists

  1. If you subscribe iTunes match – a paid streaming service for music, you have a option Settings-> iTunes & App store -> iTunes Match disable it( if there is an iCloud account)
  2. Hide un downloaded music from the iCloud account. Go to Settings-> Music -> Show all music  turn off this option).
  3. Launch music app. Delete a song – select the song swipe right to left delete option appears tap it to delete.
  4. Delete an album – select album in the bottom menu, swipe the particular album to be deleted swipe it from right to left delete option appears tap it to delete.
  5. Delete all song by an artists – select artists from the bottom menu,swipe the artist from right to left to get the delete option tap on it to delete.
  6. Delete stubborn songs – Go to Settings -> General -> Usage -> Manage storage -> Music -> Edit -> Delete.
  7. If you face any issues to delete songs, re- synchronise with iTunes to manage songs that are not able to be deleted.

2: Deleting entire music library

  1. Go to Settings-> General ->Usage-> Music.
  2. Click edit button on the top right corner, a minus button appears beside all music.
  3. Click on the minus button to delete the entire song library.
  4. We can re-synchronise with iTunes to manage songs that are not able to be deleted.

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3: Remove music using iTunes and computer

  1. Navigate to Settings -> iTunes & Appstore or Music. Set iTunes match off and turn off Automatic download option in music.
  2. Open iTunes in computer, select Store menu -> Turn off iTunes match.
  3. Connect iPhone to computer. Select the device from summary tab and uncheck “manually manage music and videos” &“sync only checked songs and videos” options.
  4. Choose music tab on the top of the iTunes window and check the “sync music” box. Select “Entire music library” (the radio button ). Then click the Apply button.
  5. After the sync, check the option”selected playlist,albums,artists and genres”.
  6. Finally uncheck the content that has to be removed,. If all the content unchecked all are removed.
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