How to Play Videos in a Playlist in Mac OS

You may not know how to play all your favorite videos one after another on your Mac OS. The third-party app will be helpful to play all your favorite videos in a folder on your Mac since the Mac’s native “Quicktime Player” lacks playlist capability. VLC is one of the best options for Mac users. The cross-platform compatibility is the wonderful feature of this video player and it is a free third-party app.
This VLC media player has an expansive variety of video formats and types. It has a range of media file compatibility and is able to play MOV, MKV, AVI, WMV.

How to Play Videos on a Playlist

One can make a sequential playlist VLC media player on Windows PC and Linux since it is a cross-platform compatible.
Step 1: First, you have to download and install VLC on your Mac if you don’t have the application.
Step 2: Now, open Finder and choose the various video files that you want to play in an order of sequence.
Step 3: The next thing is you have to drag and drop the selected video files into the VLC icon/ VLC app.
Once you have added the video files, the videos will begin to play automatically in a continual order. Go to VLC “window’ menu and choose “playlist” to access the playlist.
You can change the play order by simply dragging and dropping the video files as you need.
An entire folder of videos or movies can be dragged into VLC player from your Mac to create a playlist or you can choose the collection of movies by selecting multiple files on the Mac and dragging those into the media player app. By using VLC for iOS, you can create the same sequential video playlist on iPhone and iPad.

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