How to Open RAR Files on Mac (Quick way)

RAR files is called as Roshal Archive Compressed file are special single compressed files which contains multiple files compressed together. This file format was developed and designed by Eugene Roshal to compress one or more files into a single file. Apple’s Archive Utility is one of the built-in apps available in Mac. But this app only extracts files from .gz, .zip, .tar files and lacks in supporting and extracting other popular file formats (like .rar)

Though Mac OS X contains several apps like RaR Expander,  Stuffit ExpanderUnRarX, UnArchiver is the best choice.

Mac app: The Unarchiver

It is an Free app, Open source, small sized, which supports all file formats like TAR, Zip, Gzip, 7-zip, bzip2 and especially rar files. This app allows you to instantly unrar the files on your Mac.

the unarchiver

Steps to open rar files on Mac:

Step 1:

Go to Mac App Store and download the app, “The Unarchiver”

Step 2:

Install the app in your device and launch it..
Step 3:

Now right click the rar file on the Mac. Choose “Open With” and select “The Unarchiver” app to unrar the files or open “The Unarchiver” app, then double click the rar file to unrar instantly.
open with unarchiver
Now you can open the compressed .rar files easily. You can also use UnRarX app to open the rar files instantly on your Mac.

Final verdict:

This technique is the simple one to open the .rar files easily. If you know any other techniques you can share it via comments.

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