How to open .one files in OneNote for Mac

If you used OneNote 2010 for Window and have lot of notebooks? Now you are switched to OneNote for Mac and you can’t open .one files (anything locally stored) on OneNote Mac?
I found the solution to fix this issue. You can open OneNote for Windows old .one file in OneNote for Mac OS X Yosemite or Mavericks using simple method.
Way to Open .one files in OneNote Mac

  1. Open .one file on your Windows PC using OneNote 2010 or 2013.
  2. Once you done, sync the file with OneDrive.
  3. After you done syncing, use the same account on Mac.

Note : If you can’t do this steps, update your OneNote for Windows to latest version and try the same steps. Latest OneNote is free for both Mac and Windows platforms.
You can export OneNote file in MS Office via File -> Save As -> Notebook -> OneNote Package.
If you face any issue to import .one file from OneNote on Windows to OneNote Mac edition, inform us via comment.

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I'm trying to use the MS Office option to export the open on Mac, and I can't seem to open the .one file in any other MS Office program. Any tricks to this?

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