How to fix "The iPhone cannot be synced" error

When iPhone, iPad and iPods Touch users try to connect the device to Mac via iTunes they getting error message like “The iPhone cannot be synced”, ” The required disk cannot be found”, “Showing connector cables in home screen”, “An unknown error occurred”. 
iPhone could not be synced
Solution to fix “The iPhone cannot be synced” error on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch
If the error contains number in brackets like (13019), you need to update iTunes app on your Mac computer.

  1. On your Mac, launch iTunes. Then choose Software update option.
  2. Connect your iPhone to computer using Lightning to USB cable. After it connects with iTunes, uncheck Sync Podcasts, Sync TV Shows and Sync Music in iTunes.
  3. Press the Sync button, this will clean iPhone but it cannot wipe iTunes data. iTunes sync button
  4. Now iPhone free with error issue. Disconnect USB cable from iPhone.
  5. Turn off iPhone (press and hold sleep/wake button until Apple logo appears)
  6. Then turn on iPhone again by pressing sleep/wake button again.
  7. Now turn on your iPhone by press and hold sleep button again.
  8. Reconnect your iPhone with Mac via iTunes.
  9. Choose your iPhone inside iTunes device options . Select only media.
  10. Press sync option.


You also get this error when your device does not have enough space. These solutions also solve errors with titles like Unknown error 54, duplicate file name was specified, An unknown error occurred and error 1723 .

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