How to fix : Outlook 2016 for Mac requires activation

When Mac users try to run Outlook 2016 for Mac it said “Outlook required to be activated”. If you don’t have a 365 account, it is a really big issue. Because you need Office 365 sign in account to use Outlook 2016 for Mac.
Don’t worry. This problem might happened because you used preview or beta Office 365 version in the past.

  1. Open Terminal app on your Mac OS X.
  2. Type the following command : defaults delete
  3. Type the following command : killall cfprefsd
  4. Now close the Terminal app and relaunch Outlook and check the issue.

These Mac terminal commands will delete current Outlook settings and clear the cache. Now enter the details again.
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If you knew any other solutions to fix Outlook 2016 for Mac activation error, inform us via comment.

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