Solved: “No Ink” Error on Canon PIXMA MX700

No Ink error on Cannon PIXMA MX700

If Canon PIXMA MX700 runs out of ink, it shows an error message like “U163: The following ink has run out. Replace the ink tank” and prevent from using it.
Sometimes it really irritates you, especially when you need to scan. Two ways you can temporarily fix this problem until you will get new ink.

Note: The following solution also solves the other canon printers (MP495, JX210P, MG5220, MG5270, MG5470, MP220, MG6320, MP280, MP470, MP560, MP620, MP640, MP970, MP980, MX885 MX310, and MX882.) issue.

Solution 1: Use Factory mode

  1. Unplug the Canon Printer.
  2. Click and hold the Power button while plugging the Canon printer back in.
  3. When (Continue to) holding the Power button, press the Reset button twice.
  4. Release the Power button and wait 10 seconds. Finally, it will show the No 1 on the LCD.
  5. If the printer also displays “Idle” on its screen, navigate to the settings with the right and left arrow buttons until you find “USER MODE POWER OFF”.
  6. Press the OK.
  7. Now it should allow you to print or scan.

Solution 2: Press the reset button

Press and hold the Reset/Stop button for at least 5 seconds. It stops the Canon printer from detecting ink levels.

Solution 3: Contact Cannon Support Team

If you still facing this problem then kindly contact Cannon Support Team. They may help to fix this No Ink error issue on your Printer.

Final Verdict

I hope this helps to fix the “No Ink” error on your Canon printer. If you knew any other solutions to solve the “Canon PIXMA printer No ink” error, inform us via comment. Thank you.

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