How to Fix iPhone XS Max Black Screen of Death?

Many iPhone users have been complaining that their iPhone goes black screen of death. It was really frustrating to who have this issue. Here I am going to tell you some solutions to those people. It will definitely help you to get rid of this problem.
Solution 1: Force Restart

  1. Press the Volume Up button and quickly release it.
  2. Press the Volume Down button and quickly release it.
  3. Now, press and hold the Side button until the Apple logo appears.

Solution 2: Connect your iPhone to a Charger and wait for Sometime
Many iPhone users are having this issue because of battery drains fully. But they react that their phone goes black screen of death. If this issue happens, you have to connect your phone to the charger and wait for a while. Then turn on your device and your problem will be solved. If it does not solve your problem, go to the next solution.
Solution 3: Free Up iPhone Storage
If your iPhone has enough storage, then this issue may happen. So, clean up your phone regularly. To check,

  1. Go to Settings on your iPhone.
  2. Tap “General”.
  3. Now, tap “iPhone Storage” and check which apps are taking too much space. If that app is not necessary for you, then delete the app.

Solution 4: Restore your iPhone with iTunes
Before doing this back up your device. Because it erases the phone’s data fully.

  1. Open iTunes on your PC or MAC. Make sure that iTunes is upgraded to the latest version.
  2. Connect your iPhone or iPad via data (USB) cable to the Mac.
  3. Tap your iPhone icon when it shows on iTunes.
  4. Select the Summary tab and tap “Restore iPhone”.
  5. A new box will open to ask to confirm the action. Tap “Restore”.
  6. Then iTunes will restore your iPhone.
  7. When your phone restart, you can see a few options. You have to select “Set Up as New iPhone”.

Hope that the above solutions have solved your problem. If you know any other solutions to solve this problem, tell us through your comments.

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  1. My iPhone X did this the same day I purchased it from new after I fully charged the phone before using. The phone literally worked for about 30 minutes then the screen blacked out completely with the whirling ball. As I brought it on a Saturday I was going to return it for an exchange on Monday. Nothing I tried fixed the issue. Once the battery had fully drained I put it back on charge (so it had enough battery power to at least show the shop people I brought it from what I meant. Once the phone was about half charged it started working again. I didn’t bother taking it back as I had plenty of warranty (obviously) and all seemed fully working with no probs at all. It’s been a full year now and it’s never missed a beat since

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