How to Fix iPad Air 2 Touch Sensitivity Problems

iPad Air 2 screen had sensitivity issues around the outer edges. Its not responding well to touch. This problem only occurred when users was charging the iPad. Users had issue with touching, typing and using styles (Jot pro stylus, bamboo stylus, Adonit touch and waccom fine line stylus.
Reason for the issue ;-
I found this solution on Google. When iPad users using Brookstone USB charger or Verizon charger to charge their iPad Air 2, this problem happened. So do not use 3rd party charger to charger your iPad.
iPad Air 2
Solution 1 :Use Original Apple charger
Use the Apple power charger which is came with your iPad. Also if you using your iPad when charging, disconnect it and check the issue.
Solution 2: Reset All Settings
Reset settings using Settings -> General -> Reset All settings.
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If you find any other solution for iPad touch screen issue, don’t forget to mention using comment.

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Reseting All Settings WORKED!!
Keyboard was losing proper touch sensitivity and not responding.
Settings- General – RESET ALL SETTINGS was the Solution!
Thank you!!!

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