How to Connect iPhone 6 to TV with USB or Wirelessly

Learn how to connect your iPhone 6 to TV using USB cable or wireless method.
Method 1: Connect iPhone 6 to TV with USB cable
It is really easy to connect iPhone 6 to TV via Lightning Digital AV Adapter. Most of the iPhone apps like Netflix and Hulu support this USB cable setup. But some of the apps like NFL Mobile or HBO GO do not all mirroring.

  1. First connect the Digital AV adapter to iPhone 6.
  2. Then connect the HDMI cable between the Digital TV and adapter.
  3. Once you connect the HDMI cable, video will be mirrored on the TV screen. Audio also routed to your TV.

Method 2: Connect iPhone 6 to TV wirelessly using AirPlay

  1. On your iPhone open “video” or “photo” which one you want to send to TV.
  2. Choose the “AirPlay” icon.
  3. Choose your Apple TV from the list. You can choose this option as long as your devices on same network. Thats all.  Start streaming content  from iPhone 6 to TV.Use AirPlay on iPhone iPad iPod

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If you knew any other method to connect iPhone 6 to TV, inform us via comment.

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