How to close Apps on iPad

If you don’t know how to close your iPad apps, it will reduce batter life on iPad. Also closing the unresponsive app will improve your iPad speed.

Sometimes this method is differ because of the unique iOS updates like iOS 8, iOS 7. But these instructions are same for iPad mini, iPad 1, 2 and iPad Air.

iPad multitasking window

How to quit/close a running app on iPad

  1. Double click the Home button on your iPad to get the multitasking screen (It will show running apps and recently used apps).
  2. In multitasking screen, each app icon have same page or app window above it. Flick up on the page (Press an hold your finger down on the app window – not the application icon. Then slide your finder to the top of the iPad screen.).
  3. Now the page will fly away and the iPad app icon will disappear. This will close the app.

Note: In order to close the iPad app, you need to drag the miniature window, not the application icon.

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