How To Clear Your Search History on iOS Devices?

Many iPhone users don’t know how to delete their Search History. Here I going to share you some easy method to delete search history.
Clear your Spotlight Search History:
Method 1: Turn off Suggestions in Search and Suggestions in Look Up

  1. Launch “Settings” -> tap “General” -> tap ‘“Siri & search”.
  2. Turn off “Suggestions in Search” and “Suggestions in Look Up”.
  3. Then restart your iPhone or iPad. Now, search history will be deleted. When you want to delete search history, you can use this method.

Method 2: Erase Messages from Spotlight Search History

  1. Launch “Settings” -> tap “General” -> tap “Spotlight Search” -> uncheck “Messages”. If you want to erase all the Spotlight Search history, now you can uncheck all items.
  2. Then turn off your device and wait for a few seconds. Now turn back on and do this action 2 or 5 times.
  3. Follow step 1 and select “Messages”. Analise whether Messages deleted or not from Spotlight Search History.msg-del

Erase Safari History
Method 1: Turn off Search & Siri suggestions

  1. Launch “Settings” -> tap “Safari” – > tap “Siri & Search” -> turn off “Search & Siri suggestions”.siri-img
  2. Under safari tap “Clear History and Website Data”.clear-img

Method 2: Remove All Website Data

  1. If you want to erase all website data, you can go “Settings” -> tap “Safari” -> tap “Advanced” -> tap “Website Data”.remove-img
  2. At bottom of your screen tap “Remove All Website Data”.

Method 3: Erase New Safari History

  1. Launch “Safari” App. then click on the “Bookmark”
  2. Then click “History”.history-img
  3. Click “Clear”. Pop-up asked you to delete “The last hour”, “Today”, “Today and yesterday” and “Finally” and you can choose anyone in the pop-up
  4. Finally click “Done”.

Erase  Purchased App Store History
Method 1: Use iTunes

  1. Launch iTunes on your Mac. Then tap “iTunes Store”.
  2. Log in to your iPhone apple id and tap on your Email Address. Then tap Account.
  3. Search “Purchased Option”. Then tap “purchased” and tap “Apps”.
  4. Choose your devices.
  5. Search the apps you want to erase. Then tap on the cross mark of the app. Finally, click “Done”.

If you have any ideas to fix this problem, inform us through your comments.

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