How to Clear Google Maps History on iPhone and iPad

Google maps will save your search history. Some users think don’t want to save search history anymore. For that, you can delete the search history in google maps. You can delete full Google Maps History or delete them individually. And also you can delete cache and app data. In this article, I am going to tell you how to delete Google Maps search history.

Steps to Clear Google Maps Search History

  1. Open Google Maps on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Tap on “Menu” button at the top left side.
  3. Next, tap on Settings -> Maps History.
  4. Here you can delete the entire data and individual data.
  5. To delete full history, type “Maps” in the Search box and tap enter. At the right top, you can see three dots tap it and tap “Delete Results”. To confirm, tap “Delete” in the pop-up box.
  6. To delete individual history, tap on “Three” dots next to the history which you want to delete and tap “Delete” to confirm.

Steps to Remove App Data in Google Maps

  1. Open Google Maps -> Menu button -> Settings icon.
  2. Scroll down the page and tap on “About, terms & Privacy”.
  3. Now, tap on “Clear Application Data”.
  4. Finally, tap “OK” button to confirm.

We hope you get an idea to clear Google Maps search history on your iPhone and iPad.

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