How to Bypass Screen Time Passcode Without Password 2024?

The screen time feature on the iPhone is a very user-friendly security mechanism. Any app that is open on your smartphone may be seen. You may restrict how your device is used with this option. Parents often use this feature to limit their kids' access to all iPhone websites and applications.

Even while it seems beneficial, there are several circumstances in which it might lead you into trouble. What happens if your passcode is lost? That suggests that your phone is now also locked. There is, however, a workaround. The second is to control screen time.

Do you need any help with the screen time passcode hack? Some of the best solutions to this problem are listed below.

About Screen time Password You Must Know things

1. What is Screen Time Passcode?

A program named Screen Time is pre-installed on the majority of iPhone models. This software restricts the time that certain devices' apps may be accessed. To track your child's screen time and set app use limits, turn on the Screen Time function of the parental control app.

A password known as a Screen Time passcode may also be configured during screen time. This screen passcode has been set to stop unauthorized users from altering their settings.

2. Can I Bypass the Screen Time Passcode without a password?

Without the passcode, how to bypass screen time? You may construct a screen time hack using Tenorshare 4uKey, particularly if you forget or don't know the device's password and it can bypass the screen time password without data loss. This is the best compared to the other methods mentioned in this article! Read this article till the end to get to know about this.

Top 7 Efficient Ways to Hack Screen Time:

How to hack screen time? Below are the seven best methods to hack screen time passcode,

1.Hack Screen Time Limits via Delete and Reinstall Apps:

How to hack screen time passcode 2023? Some children have discovered a flaw that allows them to easily remove and reload an app to remove its screen time limitations. This is a brilliant workaround for limits placed on certain applications, but it won't matter if you've set a downtime plan for the whole device.

Fortunately, stopping this is not too difficult. You may prevent your kid from removing or installing applications in the settings. This is how to accomplish it:

1.Select “Screen Time” from the menu.

Bypass Screen Time Passcode Without Password -1.

2. Choose “content and privacy restrictions” and enter your screen time passcode if necessary.

Bypass Screen Time Passcode Without Password -2.

3. Then click “iTunes & App Store Purchases”.

Bypass Screen Time Passcode Without Password -3

4. Select “don't allow” next to “installing applications,” “deleting apps,” and “in-app purchases” on the menu that appears.

Bypass Screen Time Passcode Without Password -4

2. Bypass Screen Time without Data loss with – iPhone Screen Unlock Tool:

How to bypass screen time passcode? If you're trying to figure out how to unlock the Screen Time passcode on an iPhone or iPad without losing any data, Tenorshare 4uKey is the best option. The Tinker tool provides a wide range of capabilities, from speed and usability to complicated recovery. Follow the instructions below to hack screen time iPhone.

Step 1: Go to Tenorshare 4uKey's official download page. On your computer, download, install, and run the software. Select “Remove Screen Time Passcode” from the menu that appears.

Bypass Screen Time Passcode Without Password -5

Step 2: Connect your device to the computer using an appropriate USB connection. The device should then be immediately recognized. To start, click the “Start” button. Put your device in recovery mode if it isn't recognized.

Bypass Screen Time Passcode Without Password -6

Step 3: Tenorshare 4uKey will remove the iPhone screen time password when you hit the Start button. It's important to keep your smartphone connected throughout this procedure, which often takes a few minutes.

Bypass Screen Time Passcode Without Password -6

3. Get rid of the screen time passcode via the iMessage App to Watch YouTube Videos:

YouTube videos may be seen on the iPhone's messaging application. The screen time restriction is somewhat lifted with this technique.

You might claim that the inability of the iPhone to interpret YouTube videos in texting is a bug. This approach still works even if YouTube is banned.

To view YouTube videos over iMessage, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the iMessage app on your device
  2. To type a message, tap the space.
  3. Your keyboard will appear, and you will see the applet's icon.
  4. To share links, tap the symbol.
  5. Without having to open YouTube, you can send any link to a YouTube video and view it right on the iMessage app.
  6. The following two steps should be repeated to view another video.
Bypass Screen Time Passcode Without Password -7

If you are concerned that your children could use this approach to view YouTube videos, you can simply block it. Simply choose Web Content from the Screen Time settings menu. To check it, click or tap “Limit Adult Websites.”

3. Modify the phone Time to Overcome Apps Restrictions:

Changing the time on an iPhone is simple since everyone knows how to do it. Here's how to get around app limitations:

Bypass Screen Time Passcode Without Password -8
  1. Go to General and Settings.
  2. The date & time are open.
  3. Disable the Automatically Update Time setting.
  4. Change the time and date to a random setting at this point.

4. Bypass Screen Time Password via Recording Video:

If this is how your children have exploited Screen Time on your iPhone, you can close the security flaw by turning off the screen recording function. The steps below demonstrate how to stop Screen Time from capturing your iPhone's screen.

Step 1: On your iPhone, choose Screen Recording by tapping Settings > Screen Time > Content & Privacy Restrictions > Content Restrictions.

Bypass Screen Time Passcode Without Password -9

Step 2: On the subsequent page, tap Don't Allow to turn off screen recording on your iPhone. You can no longer record the screen of your iPhone.

5. Send a Message to Siri to hack the screen time password:

The Screen Time feature may also restrict sending messages. Siri may still be utilized to go around this restriction, however. Follow these steps to cut down on screen time:

  1. Ask Siri to send you a text message.
  2. Include all pertinent information, including the name of the receiver.
  3. Now, send the message.
Bypass Screen Time Passcode Without Password -10

6. Factory Reset your iPhone to Bypass Screen Time Password:

The last choice is to use Factory Reset. It is effective even if it can delete all of your data. Here are the procedures for doing a factory reset.

  1. Under Settings > General > Reset, choose “Erase All Content & Settings”.
  2. You should choose Erase All Content and Settings.
  3. Re-enter your passcode to confirm, then hold on until the operation is completed.
Bypass Screen Time Passcode Without Password -11

Tips About Hack Screen time Password:

Below are some of the tips to hack screen time passwords,

How do you remove screen time without a passcode?

You can easily remove the screen time passcode without a password using Tenorshare 4uKey, which is one of the best methods.

How do I turn off screen time without a passcode for kids?

You can turn off screen time without a passcode for kids using any of the methods mentioned above in this article.

How is my child turning off the Screen Time passcode?

To be honest, kids can simply eliminate or circumvent the screen time restriction on their iPhones. They can quickly learn how to avoid screen time by reading internet advice.

Best tools to Bypass screen time Password:

This post has extensively explained the popular Screen Time Passcode and several other possible removal methods. Many people have had screen fatigue at some point in the past or present, maybe because they have forgotten their device's password.

How to hack screen time without the passcode? You are the luckiest animal in the forest if you are the offender. Tenorshare 4uKey is the unrivaled solution for eradicating the screen time passcode without data loss. Download it now.

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