How Do I Backup iPad App Data Files

If you want to keep your iPad data safe, you need to backup your iOS device. So learn how to backup your iPad app data files.

How to backup iPad Apps Data

You need computer (Mac or Windows), iPad and USB cable.

  1. Launch iTunes on your computer and connect iPad to computer using USB cable.
  2. In iTunes, choose your iPad from the left side Devices column.
  3. Within iTunes, click Apps tab (available in Top).
  4. Scroll down and find where Apps listed.
  5. Select the App and see what data is listed in the right.
  6. Click the space to the right where the documents files are listed. Choose the files you want to backup or select all the files.
  7. Click the “Save As” button and navigate to the backup folder.
  8. now your iPad data is backed up.

How to restore iPad Apps data

If you want to restore backup information to your iPad, Within iTunes, choose the app and then the section on the right. Click on the Add or drag and drop the data to add the data back to the iPad.

Finally, click the “Sync” button to load the data back onto the iPad.

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