How to Avoid Safari No Longer Support Unsafe Extension Error on Mac

Do you get this Pop-Up message “Safari No longer supports unsafe extension”? This error occurred in the latest version of Safari. This problem is solvable. Even I too faced this issue but I have fixed it with simple steps. In this article, I’m gonna show you the steps to eradicate your problem.

Extract the File

  1. Open the Utilities and Launch Safari.
  2. Choose the Safari extension you want to run in Safari and then extract it as .zip file from .safariext
  3. Launch zip file using Unarchiver, you should save in “name.safariextension”.

Turn on the development mode

  1. Launch the Safari app.
  2. Select Preferences on the Safari menu.
  3. Tap  Advanced.
  4. Now click develop Option in the menu bar.
  5. In that choose Show Extension Builder.
  6. Click the X button and then tap Add Extension
  7. Select the unpacked folder
  8. Tap Run to run the extension in safari with the admin password.
  9. Now unsafe extensions will active and running in safari.

These two are the simple steps to avoid that unsafe extension on Mac. And if you any other steps you can tell it in the comments section below. Thank You.

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