Fixed: Can’t take Screenshot in Netflix on iPhone and Mac

Can't take screenshot in Netflix on iPhone and Mac

I have a Netflix app on my iPhone and Mac. when I was trying to take a screenshot on Netflix, but I couldn’t. It’s annoying. I don’t know what to do. But later I find out some solutions to fix this problem. Here I am going to tell you the solution. Let’s try this. 

Solution 1:  Press Home and Power Button

  1. Open the Netflix App. Then play the video and pause the video when you want the screenshot. Then you can take a screenshot.
  2. Press and hold the Home and Power button fast at the same time.
  3. Though you can also “Crop” it.

Solution 2: Tap Home Button

  1. Double click the “Home Button”. And you can see the Switcher Apps.
  2. Then you can take a screenshot and crop it properly.

Solution 3: Use Snipping Tool

  1. If you have a snipping tool, you can use it for taking the screenshot on Netflix.

Solution 4: Disable Hardware Acceleration on Mac

  1. Get a black screen while taking a screenshot. Then what will you do? Follow these steps.
  2. Click Windows key and X at the same time on your desktop. And choose Control Panel.
  3. You can see the Large Icons and in the left press pane click “Display”. And press “Change Display Settings
  4. Then click “Advanced Settings”. The graphics card supports hardware acceleration if Troubleshooting is present.
  5. Then press “Troubleshooting “. In “Hardware Acceleration” set “Nill”.
  6. Press the “OK” button and then for save the settings restart your mac.
  7. Then open the Netflix app and press Shift+Command+3 to take a screenshot.

Solution 5: Use Safari

  1. Go to “Safari” and Search “
  2. Then play the video and pause when you want to take a screenshot.

I hope this helps to fix the screenshot issue in Netflix on Mac and iPhone. If you know any doubts or suggestions let me know through the comments section below. And keep supporting Thank you.

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