How To Read WhatsApp Message Without Sender Knowing on iPhone

Many of iPhone users don’t know how to read WhatsApp messages without the sender knowing. But it is very easy and simple. WhatsApp had that feature. Here I am going to tell you the method.
Method 1: Turn on Read Receipts
Step 1: Launch “WhatsApp” on your device.
Step 2: Now, click on the “Settings”.
Step 3: Then you have to tap on “Account” -> tap “Privacy”.privacy-img
Step 4: you can see the “Read Receipts”. Then turn on
Method 2: WhatsApp Pop-up
Step 1:  Launch “WhatsApp” on your device.
Step 2: Now, click on the “Settings”.
Step 3: Then choose “Notifications” -> tap “Pop-up Notification”.
Step 4:  you can see the option which is “Message Notification” tap on it.
Step 5: Now you get three options which are “Only When screen “Off”, “Always Show Pop-up” and “Only when Screen “on” “. you can select anyone from this options.
When pop-up box appears on your screen, you can read the messages without opening the WhatsApp
Method 3: Turn off Mobile Data or Wi-Fi
Step 1: When you get a message from someone, don’t open it on suddenly.
Step 2: Turn off your “Mobile Data” or “Wi-Fi”. Now you will see the messages. So, the sender doesn’t know whether you read the message or not.
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