How To Hide and Unhide Apps in iOS 11 – Simple and Easy Method

When we want to keep secure our details, we can hide them. Many iPhone users don’t know how to hide Apps. so, I will tell you some easy methods to hide and unhide the Apps.
Method 1: Hide the Particular App and Unhide it

  1. Press the App which you want to hide. Then again press it at the same time press the Home Button.
  2. It will be hidden. Now you can’t see the App.
  3. If you want to unhide the App, press any other App. it will appear on your phone automatically.

Method  2: Hide All the Apps and Unhide All the Apps

  1. First, make a folder and put the Apps into the folder. In the widget clear the Folder.
  2. Then press the Folder at the same time press the home button. No Apps are here and all apps are hidden.
  3. If you want to all unhide apps, restart your phone. Then you will get your Apps back in few seconds.
  4. Put it your Passcode. Then you can see all the Apps.

Method  3: Using App Locker

  1. Select and press the App. Then again press it at the same time press the Home Button. Drag it into the App Locker. The App won’t appear.drag-images
  2. Then search the apps and you can see it.
  3. you hide the App, Go to “Settings” -> tap “Siri & Search” -> turn off “Suggestions in Search and Suggestions in Look Up”.siri-apps
  4. If you want to open the app, go to App Locker. Then you should enter the passcode. Then only you can see the App.

Method  4: Enable and Disable Restrictions

  1. Go to “Settings” -> tap “General” -> tap “Restrictions” -> tap “Enable Restrictions”. Then enter the Passcode. Then Restriction feature will be enabled.
  2. Disable the Apps which you want. Then apps will be disappeared.disable-apps
  3.  Again you want to unhide these apps just do enable it. enable-apps

Method  5: Hide Third-Party Apps

  1. Go to “Settings” -> tap “General” -> tap “Restrictions”  and scroll down. Tap “Apps” -> tap “Don’t Allow Apps”.
  2. Then there are no Third-party Apps on your Phone.allow-apps
  3. Then you want to unhide the Third-Party Apps Tap “allow All Apps” under “Apps”.dont-allow

If you have any ideas to fix this problem, inform us through your comments.

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