How to Attach a PDF File to Email – Simple and Easy Methods

I want to send some PDF file to my friend. But I don’t know how to do. Then one of my friends gave some method to send PDF file to another one. Here I am going to tell that Method to you.
Method 1: Attach PDF File From Your iPhone

  1. Open the PDF in iBooks and in the upper left corner click the arrow icon. Then select the Email. You can this arrow to send the various type of files such as Web Links and images.
  2. Select the full PDF file from your iBooks and copy and paste into the Email in iBooks.
  3. You can also cancel the Email from iBooks App. it will allow you to save the file in Drafts. Then you can send this file by using Mail App.
  4. You can only insert the photos and videos as attachments in Mail App.

Method 2: Attach PDF File to Gmail From Your Computer

  1. Open the PDF file which you want to attach and send. And save it on your computer’s Desktop.
  2. Then open your Email.
  3. Enter the email address of the recipient and enter the “Subject” and “Body”
  4. Tap “Compose” button to make a new Email.compose-img
  5. Then tap the “Attach” button.attach-img
  6. Go to your desktop. Choose your PDF file and click “Attach” button.desk-img

Method  3:  Attach PDF File From Your Computer

  1. Open the PDF in Adobe Reader. And click “file” and select “share Files Using Send now Online”.
  2. Your file will be inserted and enter the recipient mail address and subject. Then click “Send Link”.
  3. Then enter your email address and password. Then sign in.
  4. Click “Send Link”. And click “View And Track Send File”.
  5. Then you can see your PDF file.

If you know any other method, inform us through your comments.

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