Fixed: High Sierra Photos Editing Slow

After updating my MacBook Pro into High Sierra photo editing was very slow. Every edit will have appeared after few seconds. It was irritating, especially when I was editing something for my status. But finally, I got a solution to this. I am going to share it with you guys. I also discussed some other solutions which I have crossed across for this issue.
First to do

  • You have to check that your photos have exported in correct jpg size. Often the size of the photo may lead the issue.
  • As usual, try a restart your system.

Solution 1: Reboot in Safe Mode

  • Restart your computer in Safe mode.
  • Wait till you hear the booting sound then hold down the ‘Shift key’ until the booting process gets completed.

Note: Holding ‘Shift key’ while restarting turn your Mac into Safe mode.
Solution 2: Check Referenced Photos

  • When you are editing you can witness ‘Referenced Photos’, that are normally saved in some other locations.
  • By looking at the thumbnail, you can find out which one is that ‘Referenced photo’.
  • Referenced Photos file is the small folder located at the top left of the thumbnail.
  • Go to that file and tap on ‘Consolidate’, and just consolidate all the files.

Solution 3: Clean your system
You need to clean up your system. Because you will store all the files and other data in the hardware. Use any cleaning app to clean your Mac, this will solve your problem.
Solution 4: Turn Optimize Storage

  • Launch Apple Menu -> About this Mac -> Storage-> turn Optimize Storage on.
  • This will clean the junks and unwanted files and data from your system.

If you knew any other solutions you can share it with us via your valuable comments.

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