How to Hide or Rearrange Apple TV icons on the main menu

How to rearrange Apple TV screen icons

You can rearrange most of the Apple TV main menu icons like Podcasts, Trailers, iCloud Photos etc. But you can’t rearrange top row icons like Movies, TV Shows, Music.

  1. First select the particular icon you want to move.
  2. Press and hold Select button on the remote.
  3. After icon start to jiggle, move the icon to new position using remote.
  4. Then press Select button to finish.

Use the above steps again to move other icons.

Apple TV remote

How to hide icons using Apple remote

  1. First select the icon you want to hide.
  2. Press and hold Select button on the remote until icon starts to jiggle.
  3. Now press Play/Pause button for more options.
  4. Then select Hide This Item option.

Apple TV hide icons via remote

Note: If you already turned on restrictions like parental controls for the particular app, you need to enter your password.

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How to hide Apple TV main menu icons using Setting menu

  1. If you are already in main menu, go to Settings > Main Menu
  2. Select the particular service you want to hide.
  3. Choose Hide from the options.

Apple TV hide icons settings

Note : If you are using Apple TV software (earlier than version 6.1), on the main menu go to Settings -> General -> Restriction to hide the icons.

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