How to hide App Store purchases on iPhone & iPad (iOS 8)

Family sharing feature in iOS 8 is a great way to share purchases with each others. If you don’t want to show each and every app you downloaded in Apple app store, follow my methods.

iOS 8 have option to hide app purchases. So each members can hide their own purchases from showing up on purchased list.

How to hide apps from iOS purchased list

iOS 8 hide app purchases


image courtesy : Appleinsider


Note : This option only works when family sharing enabled on your iOS device.

1. Go to My purchases.

2. Swift left to bring red hide button.

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How to restore hidden purchased app.

If you mistakenly hidden your app, you can restore them in purchased app list.

Launch iTunes and go to iTunes store view.

Sign in your account.

Navigate iTunes in the cloud section.

Choose the Manage link at the right corner.

In top banner, click the apps. Just click unhide button to unhide any app.

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