6 Best Heart Rate Monitors Apps for iPhone

Today our smart phones influence us with its mind blowing functions and features. Now it is also made truth that it not only entertains us but it can also monitor our health periodically. Sound’s Cool right????? You can use it to know your weight, how much calories you burn each day. And guess what you can also monitor your heart….  This is called as photoplethysmography. Yes guess as soon as our heart sends pulse of blood through the body, the very tiny capillary vessels in our skin will get expanded. Flash in our smart phone plays important role in finding the heart rate. Because whenever the flash detects the small expansion in the skin and illumination happens, the camera captures the miniscule colour changes that happen in our heart beats.

Why to check Heart Beat???

According American Heart Association, constant monitoring of your health is must. As signal or beat change in our heart may lead to health problems. So usage of some handy app can help us to maintain ourselves healthy. So in this post I have listed some important heart rating apps that will help you a lot. So check it out guys…………


1. Polar Beat App (Free)
Polar Beat App

  • It displays our heart beat rate during exercise.
  • This app can be ideal for those who make exercise regularly.
  • It can be used when you regularly use thread mills, rowing and elliptical machines.
  • In this app it uses colours to denote the working of our heart if it is red , heart is working in medium manner or else if it is orange then the hard.

2. Instant Heart Rate (free)
Instant Heart Rate app

  • The premise of this app is very simple.
  • It is easy way to monitor our long term heart progress.
  • It calibrates our heart movements very accurately.
  • But only annoying thing is that you should be aware of ads.

3. ASCVD Risk Estimator (Free)
ASCVD Risk Estimato app

  • It is published by American College of Cardiology and American Heart Association.
    It is great tool for point of care.
  • It is widely used by physicians for patient.
  • It calculates the heart beat rate periodically.

4. Cardiograph ($1.99)
Cardiograph iPhone app

  • It came with its new version with many bugs fixed.
  • It allows multiple members to use. It stores the individuals detail separately.
  • This app can record your pulse rate. And you can send the pattern chart in the form of pdf to others.
  • It takes little time to point out the heart rate, till that you have to hold your finger on the flash.
  • It has low amount of clutter and has ease in use.

5. Smart Blood Pressure (free)
Smart Blood Pressure app

  • Tracking blood pressure is important to heal our heart, so this pp helps you to do this.
  • It helps to record both systolic and diastolic data, as well as your pulse.
  • If you have hypertension then this app helps you to identify specific problems.
  • Additionally if you wish to lose weight then this app help for that too.
  • Very mush helpful and it has quit cool interface.

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