10 Best Healthcare Accessories for iPhone: Mush have Medical Accessories

Almost everyone are aware of their medical fitness both medical professionals and regular users wish to monitor their general health. Medical accessories that works with iPhone are available with the appreciable creativity. Using this health care accessories for iPhone and iPad we can monitor body analysis and take a self care. These apps are really different from fitness apps. So here are we with some of the best medical accessories that work with iPhone.
1. Withings BP monitor ($114)
withings iPhone blood pressure
Withings is the name of the company, there is also a smart body analyzer (price:$150) that cares about fitness. Withings blood pressure is the best of other iPhone blood pressure monitor medical accessories.The device is uniquely designed for iOS. We can wrap the blood pressure monitor around the arm and we can connect it to our iPhone. The device reports systolic, diastolic blood pressure and heart rate. We even can save the report and mail it to doctor if necessary.
2. Alivecor ECG Heart monitor ($200)
alivecor mobile ECG for iPhone
When we check blood pressure, its enough for general health checkup. But if we are looking for a heart patient, we need a device that watch the heart rate closer. Alive cor’s ECG Heart monitor satisfy this need. ECG, electrocardiography which is the interpretation of the heart’s electrical activity over a period of time. The device has a 3.0v coin cell battery lasts up to 10030 sec of ECG before replacing it. The device uses proprietary wireless communication protocol to connect with iPhone.
3. Lapka personal environment monitor ($249)
lapka personal environment monitor
Lapka personal environment monitor is designed perfectly with the sensors to predict radiations and food that supports health. Lapka radiation precise calculation of radiation that affects us. Lapka organic detects the amount of nitrates in food and their healthy effect. Lapka EMF detects electromagnetic field to safeguard us from being affected by it. Lapka Humidity detects temperature and humidity level inside room.
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4. Scout medical tricorder ($199)
Scout medical tricorder is a device manufactured by scanadu, is the best among its kin2d because of its features. It is small in size. The device scans the vital signs just by placing it on forehead. They measure heart rate, skin temperature, respiratory rate, blood pressure, ECG and emotional stress. Built by 32bit RTOS Micrium platform. It supports bluetooth. The device can be connected to iPhone. It comes with the USB adapter to charge the device.
5. Breathalyzer for smartphone ($42.99)
smartphone breathalyzer for iPhone
Breathalyzer is a device to track blood alcohol content on iPhone. The device helps in finding accurate state of our body. The device comes like keychain type in small size. They can be connected using Bluetooth and has a high tech accurate performance. The pack has 3 mouthpiece. It is a Rechargeable device .It has an app for supporting iOS.
6. Welch allyn eye iexaminer system ($620)
welch allyn iexaminer for iOS
Eyecare is an unique app as it deals with testing eyes. The device can scan our eyes using the device that connects with iPhone camera. Without harming the eyes we can detect the eyes and analyse report. Send the report to iPhone using the panoptic ophthalmoscope technology. We can capture high resolution picture of eye.
7. M2,M3,M3s baby care device (M2- $104.99 M3,M3s-$129.95)
ibaby monitor
Using the device M2, we can monitor the baby 24/7. ibaby monitor gives live watch of the baby with the iPhone support. Up to four iPhone users can share the device. We can receive sounds from the baby and we can talk to the baby through this Device.
8. Omron blood pressure monitor ($64.99)
omron blood pressure monitor
Omron is the device to monitor blood pressure works along with iPhone. The device recommended by doctors for domestic checkup. It has a wrist band to wrap on arms to check for bp.
9. Scanaflo urine test kit – $199(approximately)
Scanaflo is the device from scanadu which acts as urinary test kit. The scanaflo urinary analyser comes in small white, disposable paddle with multi colored test strips along with the QR code built inside the device. The device tests for glucose, protein, leukocytes, blood, nitrates, specific gravity, PH, bilirubin, urobilinogen and even pregnancy tests with urine sample. The device is connected to iPhone and used.
10. Ihealth wireless pulse oximeter ($70)
ihealth pulse oximeter for iPhone
The ihealth wireless pulse oximeter is a iPhone medical accessories to find the level of oxygen saturation SpO2, pulse rate BPM and perfusion index PI. The device collects all this information from fingertip and sends to iPhone through Bluetooth connectivity. By knowing the oxygen level of the blood we can work easily.

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