How to fix headphone jack problem on iPhone

iPhone headphone jacks have many issues in playing music. It stops playing or songs cut in between. Other iPhone jacks set very successfully but the problem is with iPhone 6 jack. iPhone 6 designed to allow rotation of the connector. This may be the problem in the jacks. Here are some fixes to solve the problem.

  1. This issue is only for the connectors with a microphone.
  2. Apple genius may solve your problem.

Reason for this issue: It is not because the headphone stem is not plugged properly into the jack.
Solution 1: Plug in and out the headphone

  1. Wiggle the plug for several times, so that the headphone stem may fit properly into the jack.
  2. Pull and push the headphone till the white part of the jack flush with the phone.

Solution 2: Insert rubber boot into headphone

  1. Take 3.5mm TOS optical rubber boot.
  2. Cut a small sliver from the boot.
  3. Insert it to the headphone.

TOS optical rubber boot
Note: Test and buy headphones before buying them.
Solution 3: Use scotch tape

  1. Wrap scotch tape around your headphone jack base.
  2. The problem is due to Earpod diameter at the upper end.

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Solution 4: Adjust the volume

  1. Play the music and go to Settings-> Music-> Soundcheck.
  2. Adjust the volume limit.
  3. Or go to Settings ->General ->Accessibility->Hearing. Make sure that the balance line is in the center.

Solution 5: Use paper pin
Don’t keep your headphones in your pocket because it may spoil your headphone jack.

  1. Clean your headphone socket with a paper pin to remove any lint.

Note: Use Blower or Vacuum cleaner for iPhone to suck out the lint from the headphone socket.
Solution 6: Change the sound limit

  1. If the audio turns off when you are listening to songs in your headphones navigate to Settings-> Music-> Limit volume. Turn it ON.

Solution 7: Simple tricks to solve this issue

  1. To fix metal ring problem just insert your connector through the post it notes and checks whether it is working normally.

adjust your volume
2. Use an old ear bud foam cover around your jack.
old ear bud in jack base
Hope, this post helps to resolve the headphone jack problem.

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