8 Best Gym iPhone Apps for Your Fitness

If we have iPhone, we can have gym at home. We can maintain a healthy lifestyle. For those…

If we have iPhone, we can have gym at home. We can maintain a healthy lifestyle. For those who ask how? the answer is Gym iPhone app for fitness. These apps supports with the workout guide that gives a schedule for daily exercise. We can also learn new exercise with the help of these apps. We have both cost free and paid apps. We have listed some top gym apps for iPhone that help fitness in this post.

1. Lose it (free)
lose it
Lose it is a gym iPhone app which combines the daily workout with the food intake and provides a perfect fitness solution. This app collects the food and exercise data from us .It has a food library with the variety of food types and detailed calorie, vitamin value of each food type, given in single page. Keeping the input data, such as the timing and intensity of workout done and the calorie taken, the app calculates the calorie burned. It suggests how much calorie can be taken for that day. The app also gives  graphical detail of the weight lost.

2. GoodFoodNearYou (free)

GoodFoodNearYou is a best app for people those who travel a lot. People working in marketing, Business man are not able to carry their food, if they are a iPhone user, this app gives them solution for their healthy food. It gives the nearby food options, wherever we are located, tracking them by GPS. This app suggests popular restaurants, fast food stores, grocery shops and other stores that satisfy food need. After the selection of the place, we get the list of food types available there and their detailed calorie chart. Knowing calorie of a food helps in dietary and fitness.

3.Runkeeper pro (free)
Runkeeper is an gym app specially to track runners, cyclists, hikers and skiers. This app suits for 3G or 3GS iPhones. This app tracks the route and speed using GPS technology and send the data to the Runkeeper website after each workout. We can login to view the history of our workout, to view the exact path traveled. We can share our progress with built in option to post in social media networks like Facebook and twitter. Only pro version updates the data for each five minutes, unlike free version that is also available.

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4. c25k (couch to 5k) ($1.99)
couch 2 5k
Couch to 5k is an app that guides jogging. This app has nine weeks schedule which constitutes three days a week with 30-40 minute sessions.The schedule starts with 60 seconds running followed by 90 seconds of walking and five minutes warm up. Second week it increases to 90 Seconds of running and two minutes of walking. Each week the scheduled task increases and also there is a audio prompter to give voice guidance to run or walk.

5. iTreadmill ($1.99)
iTreadmill is an app which acts like a pedometer. We can turn on this app and keep in pocket .It automatically calculates the accurate distance and average speed of our steps. There is counter to automatically pause when we stop and restart when we move. The pacer dial can be set that helps marching upto speed.

6. GymGoal 2 ($5.99)
gym goal
GymGoal 2 is an app for iPhone to learn the gym activities. This app has 280 exercises with animation and written instructions and 52 workout routines. We can even add images of our own. If we are have lack of time to log in, we can use the calculator to compute heart rate, BMI, BMR and body fat percentage. There is a body map menu with biceps option where there is more than 50 arm toning moves demo.

7. FitnessBuilder ( Free and in-app purchase $9.99)
fitness builder
Fitness Builder seems costly but it can be said as mother of all fitness app with its features. There is a collection of 200 workouts from which we can select the suitable session for us. This app also has 20000 images and videos, five fitness timers, complete tracking capabilities and arsenal. We can even ask questions to the experts through this app. This app can be upgraded with $4.99 a month.

8. Body fitness (Free)

Body fitness is an iPhone for gym fitness. This app has over 320 exercises uploaded with pictures included. We can also customize and create our own custom workouts. We can upgrade status of our weight, height, body fat, chest, waist, arms, shoulders, forearms and neck. The report gives graphical reports and even progress can be seen with uploaded photos.

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