How does Guided access works on iPhone

What is this Guided access? It is a feature in the iOS device, which works as a signal…

What is this Guided access? It is a feature in the iOS device, which works as a signal app.  It is also called a Parental app. That is if someone wants your iOS device for making a call and you don’t want them you see all your personal details you can enable this “Guided access” on your device. It is a feature only available for Apple users and this helps to lock your iPhone to a single app.


Pros of Guided Access
Unless the user knows the Passcode they can’t exit or end the Guided Access.
How to enable Guided access?

  • Firstly, launch Settings and tap on General -> Accessibility.
  • Scroll down and select Guided Access.
  • Toggle On to enable Guided Access.

Options on Guided Access
Go to Guided Access to check these options.

  1. Passcode Settings: You can set Passcode for Guided Access either Passcode or Face ID.
  2. Time Limits: Set Time Limit to end the Guided Access automatically. Also, you can enable the Sound and Speak option to indicate/ remind before the time ends.
  3. Accessibility Shortcut: Turning On this settings will allow you to enable the Guided access session from the app directly.
  4. Mirror Display Auto-Lock: If it’s off, the settings will lock the screen after 20 minutes of Guided Access inactivity. If it’s On, the Guided Access will use the iPhone Auto-lock setting under Display & Brightness.

Settings to be Changed before starting Guided Access

  • Launch Settings -> General -> Accessibility.
  • Scroll down and tap on Accessibility Shortcut.
  • Under TRIPLE -CLICK THE SIDE BUTTON FOR option check if any settings are being marked. If you see any just tap on that settings to remove the tick mark.

How to Work with Guided Access?

  • On Home screen, tap on an app to which you want to enable Guided Access.
  • Secondly, triple- click on the power button.
  • Thirdly, draw some shapes to disable the options.
  • Then, tap on Start to activate the Guided Access session.
  • Finally, Enter the Passcode to activate it.

How to end the session?

  • Firstly, triple-click on the Power button and enter the passcode.
  • Next, to end the session, select End from the top left corner.
  • Or else if you want to continue tap on Resume.

Note: Select the cross mark to disable the shapes.
We hope this will surely guide you to use the Guided Access feature. Thanks for reading. If you like this article share and leave your comments in the comment box.

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