Fixed: Google Chrome Won't Open on MacBook Pro

Most of the Mac users experienced these issues that “Google Chrome won’t open on MacBook Pro”. This problem may occur after updating the macOS. It seems that google chrome is unresponsive when trying to open it.  In this article, I gonna show you how to fix these issues.
Solution 1: Re-start Chrome
1. Uninstall the google chrome application on your Mac.
2. Now, force to restart your MacBook.
3. Again Re-install the google chrome application on MacBook Pro.
Solution 2: Change the Google info Settings
1. On Mac, Launch Finder.
2. Tap on “Go” and press “Option key” until you select the “Library” option.
3. Now, Select the “Application Support -> Google” option.
4. Double-tap on the google folder and select “Get Info” option.
Library 1
5. On google info window, select the lock icon at the bottom right corner.
6. Now, Enter the password and click “OK”.
Library 2
7. Click on the “+” button at the bottom left corner.
8. From the list box, choose & select “Administrator“.
Library 3
9. Now, right-click on the admin and change to “Read & write” option.
10. Then, click on the Settings button and select “Apply to Enclosed Items“.
11. Now choose the “Ok” button to confirm the changes.
Library 5
Now, Google chrome application will open properly. Hope this article helps you to solve the issue. If you have any other suggestions, let me know in comments. Thank you…

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