How to Fix Google Chrome not working in Mac

I successfully installed Chrome on my Mac. However, when I’m trying to start it the browser icon just bounces in the dock once and disappears. Reinstalling, rebooting Mac and other options found on forums didn’t help at all.
How to fix this problem….
Solution 1: Check your User permission for Google Chrome

1. Open Mac Menu and Go to Finder Option. (Or)Use the keyboard shortcut, Press SHIFT+ CMD + G keys together.
2. “~/Library/Application Support” Popup dialogue box will appear.

3. Then, Select Go Option and Next, find the folder name as Google.
4. Right click on the folder and select Get Info.
5. Then, click on the lock icon at the lower right corner.
6. Enter your login password(if needed) and Press Enter.
7. Click the ”+” button at the lower left.
8. From the drop-down list, Select “Administrators”.
9. Then, Click the “Select” button.
10. Now, Give the admin “Name”.

11. Tap on “read-only”  Option and change it as “Read & Write”.
12. Then, Click “Ok”.
13. Now, try to open Google Chrome from the applications folder.
Solution 2: Delete Chrome user data via Terminal & Relaunch 
1. Open Terminal on your Mac.
2. Run the command: sudo rm-rf~/Library/Application/Support/Google/Chrome.

3. Enter to wipe out the User Data.
4. Relaunch Chrome.
5. Log in with your Google account to finish the setup.
This worked for me. Hopefully, these fixes have made your Google chrome better than it’s ever been.
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