How to Get Refund for iTunes Store App Purchases

If you faced problems with movies, music, books, TV shows, apps you purchased from App store or iTunes you can request refund from Apple. But you will need a valuable or valid reason for your request.
If you buy a app,book or movie by accident (wrong one) or wrong thing, this is a way to get your money back.
But Apple not created any problem reporting page to report this issue.
How many days it take to get refund?
Refund process take 1 or 2 days to complete.
Get refund using iPhone and iPad

  1. Open Mail app from your iPhone Home screen.
  2. Search and find the receipt for a purchased you made in iTunes or App store. If you can’t remember the purchase date, use “Your receipt from Apple” keyword to find the receipt.
  3.  Tap on the particular receipt for the purchase.
  4.  Choose the purchase you need to report.get refund for itunes store purchase from iphone
  5.  If you use safari browser on your iPad or iPhone to open the mails, perform the same steps described above.

Get refund using iTunes

  1. Open iTunes app on your computer (Windows or Mac).
  2. At the top, Select your name and choose “Account Info” in the dropdown menu.
  3. In order to proceed, enter the password when prompted.
  4. Under your purchase history, select “See All”.
  5. Press the arrow next to the purchase you would like a refund for.
  6. Press the “Report a problem” button next to the single wrong purchase. It will redirect you to Apple website. Sign in and request the “Refund option”.iTunes purchase history report problem

Select the reason for the refund.App store refund report a problemGet refund via web

  1. Use any web browser and visit Apple problem report page
  2. Login with Apple ID (email address) and password.
  3. Choose the particular tab (Movies, music, apps or books). Find the particular purchase.
  4. Press the “Report Problem” to the right of the purchase.
  5. Choose the right reason you want the refund.
  6. Enter the right reason using description box and click Submit.
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