7 Best Game Controller for iPhone, Apple TV, Apple Arcade

Do you want to play a video game? Sure, you tried to buy a Game Controller, and search how to connect a game controller, didn't you? A game controller is an input device for video games that are typically used to control an object or character in the game. Furthermore, the controller detects the connection and sends data to the device, which it is paired. I've gathered a list of the best Game Controllers for iPhone and Apple TV in this article. So, let’s see.

Best Game Controller for iPhone & Apple TV(Arcade)


1. Razer Kishi ($59.99)

  • Designed for iPhones.
  • Razer Kishi is called Universal Mobile Gaming Controller, which fits most iPhones. 
  • Comfortable for a long gaming session. So the controller feels great to hold.
  • In Razer Riot, no Lag and Zero Latency.
  • The flexible design stretches to fit a variety of iPhones. 
  • It’s easy to carry while traveling.

Razer Kishi Game Controller

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2. Rotor Riot($39.99)

  • Designed for iPhone.
  • MFi certified gamepad controller on the market with L3 R3 functionality.
  • Compatible with over 1000 apps and games. So, enjoy your favorite battle royal games.
  • Support with iOS 7 or later Apple devices.
  • Uninterrupted gameplay with no lag and latency with a wired controller.

Rotor Riot Game Controller3. SteelSeries($125.00)

  • Designed for Apple TV(4th Gen), iPhone, iPad.
  • By SteelSeries Nimbus, we can Play games and control Apple TV content.
  • 40+ Hour rechargeable Battery life. 
  • Menu Buttons for instant Navigation.
  • 4 LED lights that indicate the player status during multiplayer gameplay.  

SteelSeries Game Controller

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4. PXN($49.99)

  • Designed for iOS 7+ and Apple TV.
  • Battery life can be up to 20 hours after fully charged.
  • Pressure-sensitive buttons offer precise control. 
  • No lag time or latency with the controller. 
  • Compatible with MFi games.

PXN Game Controller5. GameSir T4 mini($35.98)

  • Designed for iOS 13 or above devices and Apple Arcade.
  • GameSir T4 mini is a tiny size(L 5.63×W 3.27 inch). So, consider the size before buying.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity technology is used.
  • Adjustable backlights and is a semi-transparent cover.
  • Which has an auto-sleep mode feature(after control screen off).

GameSir T4 mini Game Controller6. YCCTEAM($22.90)

  • Designed for iOS 13 or above devices.
  • The controller has a Highly sensitive analog stick & excellent response time.
  • Two charging methods: Compatible with charging dock & USB cable.
  • Varying light bar color, touchpad, and motion detection that enhance the gameplay experience.
  • Battery life can be up to 10 hours after fully charged.

YCCTEAM Game Controller

7. Joso Game Controller($39.99)

  • Designed for iPhone.
  • Wireless Bluetooth connection for Apple iPhone.
  • No lag and latency-free gameplay.
  • Pressure-sensitive buttons offer precise control and accurate response.
  • Battery life can be up to 8 hours after fully charged.

JOSO Game Controller

I hope you've found this article useful. And, if you're using a game controller that isn't listed above, simply pass it in the comments. Thank you and keep supporting iPhonetopics.com.

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