Best Free Visio Viewers for Mac

Microsoft Visio not available for Mac. If you want to use Visio on Mac, you need to separately install Windows on Macbook or you need to use Parallel desktop software.
Its really annoying? Don’t worry. You can view Visio files in Mac using some 3rd part apps called Visio viewers.
If you want to edit Microsoft Visio VSD files in Mac, use professional Visio alternatives or free alternatives to Visio.
Visio Viewer 2013 (windows version) only works with Internet Explorer which is not available for Mac OS X.
Free Visio viewers for Mac
Visio for Mac

Lot of Visio viewers available for Mac OS but only 2 apps working well. They are LucidChart’s Visio viewer (Google Chrome and Firefox plugins), Nektony’s VSD viewer.
Lucidchart Visio Viewer (Free browser plugins)
Its a cloud based online Visio viewer and editor. Lucidchart offer free Visio viewer plugin for Google Chrome and Firefox. But not available for Safari.
If you receive Visio file via email, the plugin provide easy way to open the files.
LucidChart plugin only works with Visio files which is stored online. So its not directly open Visio file from your Mac Hard drive.

Nektony VSD viewer
Another best free Visio viewer for Mac.  Easily navigate pages, operate layers and export your file to PDF format.
VSD Viewer (Mac – $14.99 & iOS – $9.99)
Its not fuuly free. Provide free trial and full version for $14.99. You can open any Visio format files like .VDX, .VSD, .VSDX on your Mac using this app.

  1. Lucidchart is good, and I also using another visio alternative Edraw Max to open and edit vsdx or vsd files. Edraw Max can be used on Windows, Mac and even Linux OS. If you only need to open and view a visio file, then it is totally free (just free download their free trial). If you need to make some changes to your file, then you have to pay the full version.

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