Best Free Christmas Apps for your iPhone & iPad

Best Free Christmas app for iPhone and iPad

Hey Elves, Are you eagerly waiting for the day of Christmas? The Christmas season starts in a few weeks. I hope most of you have started purchasing gifts and decorating your homes. Here I will give you the best Christmas apps for your iPhone so you can celebrate Christmas joyfully with your friends and family. That helps you to set Christmas wallpaper, Christmas countdown, cook recipes for the holidays, prepare greeting cards, make a gift list and play Christmas music. Okay, without further talk, let’s scroll down the page and start the vibes. 

Best Free Christmas app for iPhone and iPad

For Christmas Wallpaper:

The Wallpaper makes you whenever you unlock your iPhone, you will feel those Christmas vibes through your phone. But it’s hard to find festive themes on the internet because they contain things such as watermarks, low-size images, and so on. In this way, I will list out some free Christmas Wallpaper apps for your iPhone. It will give you many Christmas themes free of cost.

Live Wallpaper-4K aesthetic (Free)

Live Wallpaper 4K

The Live Wallpaper gives a more aesthetic and cool theme. It's a free download. There are more categories of theme wallpapers. You can also check the preview and share it with your friends.

New year HD Wallpapers (Free)

Newyear HD wallpaper

The New Year HD wallpaper provides cool wallpapers. Inside the app, you can browse more images to download without a subscription. You can also share the wallpaper with your friends and families. This app comes with a user-friendly design. So you can easily access it without any interruption. Just try it.

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For Christmas Countdown:

Most people love to set the countdown for Christmas. So here are some Christmas Countdown apps for you.

Sleep To Christmas 2 (Free)

Sleep to Countdown 2

This Sleep To Christmas 2 app helps to countdown how many days are left in the Christmas season. It also includes Santa, Snowman, Gingerbread, and a Christmas Elf. You can also buy extra characters that you want to use. And most importantly, it offers famous Christmas music such as Jingle Bell, Ding Dong Merrily on High, etc. So let’s start a countdown.

Christmas Countdown 2023 (Free)

Christmas countdown

Christmas Countdown 2021 is such an amazing app to countdown your Christmas day. Every time you open this, it gives pleasant vibes to your Christmas festival. Here you can share the remaining time with your friends and other social media platforms. This app comes with Christmas music and snowfall effects. So don't wait to try this.

For Christmas Recipes:

When you gather with your friends and family at Christmas or other festival time, you want to make some special preparations for food. But you didn't get the idea of what type of recipe you could make? Don't worry about it. Here. I will give you recipe apps for your convenience. So let’s try it.

Cookpad: Find & Share Recipes (Free)

Cookpad: Find and Share recipe

Cookpad offers more recipe ideas for your festival time. There are several recipes available on this platform. This provides global recipe notes for everyone and anywhere. You can also share your recipe with all users. Here, you can also search for recipes based on your ingredients. It’s like a pro-am, right? If you want more recipes, you can purchase them from Cookpad. So don’t waste your time thinking of recipes.

For Christmas Photocard:

If you want to greet your family and friends at Christmas time,  then these are the greeting apps for you.

Christmas Greeting Cards (Free)

Christmas Greeting Card

Christmas Greeting Cards is one of the best applications for making all festival greeting cards. There are more collections in that. And also it is easy to use. So without worry, you can give more greetings to your loved ones.

Christmas Photo Frames (Free)

Christmas photo card

This Christmas Photo Frame helps you make a wonderful photo frame at the festival. You can easily edit your photos and add text. And also, you can decorate your photos with snow effects, bubbles, fireworks, and garland. It will offer you the chance to use festival accessories in your photos, such as a Santa hat, a red hat, and an elf hat also.

For Christmas Gift/Shopping list:

When the Christmas season starts, we are also ready to prepare gifts for our family and friends. But there is some possibility we could miss some members’ gifts in the rush. So here are the Christmas Gift and Shopping List apps that may help you do all your work without making any mistakes. Just take a look at how it works.

The Christmas Gift List (Free)

Christmas gift list

This is the best Christmas gift list app for your iPhone. Because it aids in the preparation of a list for everyone with whom you have contact. You can easily track the budget for each and every person. This app helps to create a group for family, friends, and co-workers. Another cool feature is that you can add photos of the receiver and their gift to the list. It will also provide a countdown to Christmas, which will remind you how many days are left and the remaining work.

Christmas Gift List Tracker (Free)

Christmas gift list Tracker

This is also one of the amazing apps for tracking your gift list. It helps you track the gifts and your budget for all of the people. You can also check if the gift is wrapped or not and the remaining days for preparing the gift for all. Here is the app where you can easily share your list with anyone. It's user-friendly. So don’t take a manual note, just use this app.

For Christmas Music Radio Station:

Without music, Christmas is not fulfilled. Here are some of the radio stations for your Christmas holiday.

Christmas RADIO (Free)

Christmas RADIO

This app allows you to enjoy a wide variety of Christmas hits across the 180 personalized stations. This Christmas Radio has a wide range of stations, including North Pole Radio, Mistletoe, Christmas Carols Radio, and Kristmas Kountry. Just connect the radio through the AirPod or any other speaker to stream the music.

Christmas FM (Free)

Christmas FM started broadcasting from November 28 to December 26 every year. It offers a large play screen, Apple Carplay support, an alarm clock function, Classic Christmas FM, and the North Pole. There are so many cool features available in this app. You can also see in-car song info via Bluetooth and also do multiple streams.

Christmas FM

That’s all elves. I hope these Christmas apps help you to celebrate your Christmas without missing anything. Did you use any other app to celebrate this Christmas season? then share it with us via the comment section. Then what next let’s enjoy this holiday with your friends and family. And one more thing we are heartily Wishing you a merry Christmas that’s merry and bright.

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