Recover forgotten Restrictions Passcode on iPhone (Easy Way)

A friend of mine once tried to enter the Restriction passcode, but it was kept saying Failed Passcode. He can’t remember his passcode and then finally he was disappointed. We found a way to recover the passcode. So, let me share a method that we made to recover the passcode.

Backup your iPhone
Before recovering your Passcode, the first thing you have to do is backing up the iPhone. For that

  • Connect your iPhone with Mac/ PC.
  • Then open iTunes and click on the Phone icon.
  • Wait for a few seconds as the iTunes will check the backup data.
  • Next, on Manually Back Up and RestoreĀ tap Back Up Now option.
  • Once after the backup process, click Done to exit.

Recover Passcode using Pin finder( Mac)
This Pin finder will help you to recovery your Passcode.

  • Click on the link from the title and download the zip file on your Mac.
  • Next, double- click on the Zip file.
  • Now a Command Prompt/ Terminal Shell will be created on your Mac.
  • Open the Command Prompt and enter the iTunes Encryption Password and wait for a minute.
  • Then you could see all the data of the backup and password is shown in the Command Prompt.
  • Under Restriction Passcode, you can find your Passcode.

Recover Passcode using Pin Finder ( Windows 32-bits)
Recover Passcode using Pin Finder ( Windows 64-bits)
This worked for my friend and for us this is the simplest way to recover the Passcode. Hope you guys will find this useful. If so, lets us know through your comments.

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