Solution : Can't Remember iPhone, iPad Backup Password? iPod too..

Your iPhone backups are unusable without password. Because iTunes “encrypt backup feature” protect your iOS device backup with strong password. If your lost/forgot encrypt iPhone backup password you can’t use your old backups. Lot of iPhone backup unlocker, iPad, iPod and iPhone backup extractors available online. But it take lot of time (maybe 2 to 3 days) and system usage.
So how to recover iPhone backup password on PC Windows, Mac and iTunes?. Try our possible solutions to recover lost iPhone passcode.
Solution 1: (If you use Keychain Access in Mac OS X)
This method will works, if you use or enabled iCloud Keychain on Mac.

  1. On your Mac, go to /Applications/Utilities/ and open Keychain Access app.
  2. Type “iPhone Backup” in the upper right corner search box.Keychain access iPhone backup password
  3. If the Keychain found any result. Double click the result file.
  4. Tick the checkbox next to “Show password” and enter your Mac administrator password to reveal/recover lost password based on encrypted iPhone backup.reveal iPhone password
  5. Note that password somewhere else on your computer and close the Keychain Access.

Solution 2: (If your never set an encryption password for your iPhone backup)
If you not set any encryption password for your iPhone backup, it automatically set your Windows or Mac administrator password as a backup password.
Solution 3 : (If you get wrong password message)
Connect your iPhone via USB cable. Then type a password (not via WiFi).
If it snot syncing, detach the USB cable from the computer and then attach it. Do the same thing until old data get syncing with your iPhone.
Other Solutions:-

  • Try your first Apple ID password.
  • Use your Mac or Windows administrator password.
  • Unplug the USB cable. Then plug back in. It will sync songs and apps and start restoring.
  • Use the password (without caps) which you use to setup your iPhone for first time.
  • Use lowercase version of the Apple ID Password.
  • Use the Gmail password, if you have Gmail as your email provider on your phone.
  • Use old iCloud password (get it from the person using the phone before you)
  • Uncheck the “Find my iPhone” option in your iPhone and try to use every password you used to login in your laptop.
  • Try “1234” or “12345” as a passcode.
  • Try to remember and use the “Password” you used to lock your iPhone.
  • Try to use your Facebook password to unlock the backup file.
  • Use password of the one of your email address.

If you want to avoid this kind of issues?
If you try to backup your iPhone using iTunes, uncheck the checkbox “Encrypt iPhone backup” in iTunes summary section to reset iPhone backup password.
uncheck encrypt iPhone backup

If you knew any other solutions for iPhone backup passcode issue, do let us via comment

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I figured it out! I too had never set a password, but it kept asking for one when I tried to restore from backup…
Plug in phone;click on the iPhone icon near upper right hand corner of screen;click on summary tab;under "Backups" click the box "Encrypt iPhone backup", this will prompt you to create a password, which will then work when you go to restore again.
Even though you had never selected to encrypt in the past, it still prompts for a password – simply go in and create the password, then you can use it!!

This worked for me: "Solution 2: (If your never set an encryption password for your iPhone backup)
If you not set any encryption password for your iPhone backup, it automatically set your Windows or Mac administrator password as a backup password."
Took me a while to remember it, but it worked!!!

You can’t restore an encrypted backup without its password. With iOS 11 or later, you can make a new encrypted backup of your device by resetting the password. Here’s what to do:
On your iOS device, go to Settings > General > Reset.
Tap Reset All Settings and enter your iOS passcode.
Follow the steps to reset your settings. This won't affect your user data or passwords, but it will reset settings like display brightness, Home screen layout, and wallpaper. It also removes your encrypted backup password.
Connect your device to iTunes again and create a new encrypted backup.
You won't be able to use previous encrypted backups, but you can back up your current data using iTunes and setting a new backup password.If you have a device with iOS 10 or ealier, you can't reset the password. In this case, try the following:
If someone else set up your device, ask them for the password.
Use an iCloud backup instead of iTunes. If you don't have an iCloud backup, you can make one.
Try using an older iTunes backup.

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